Welcome to Christchurch Art Galleries, your ultimate guide to the vibrant and diverse art galleries nestled within the heart of New Zealand's picturesque South Island. Our platform is dedicated to celebrating the rich tapestry of artistic expression that thrives in Christchurch, showcasing the city's wide range of fantastic galleries.

Our Commitment

We believe that art is a powerful force that connects communities, transcends boundaries, and sparks inspiration. Our mission is to foster a deeper appreciation for the arts by providing a comprehensive platform that brings together all the best Christchurch art galleries in one place. Our aim to create a supportive ecosystem that nourishes creativity and showcases the diverse talents that call Christchurch home.

Our directory is more than a mere listing of galleries; it's a journey through Christchurch's artistic landscape. Navigate through a curated collection of spaces, each with its own unique charm and a showcase of local and international talent.

Why Choose Our Directory?

Local Expertise: We focus exclusively on Christchurch and the surrounding areas, which means you'll find galleries and art businesses that are only in this area,

Comprehensive Listings: This guide covers most (if not all) galleries in the Christchurch region. If your gallery isn't on this list on you want it included, feel free to get in touch